Llantrisant’s religious life was dominated by the Anglican church for generations but by the 17th century there was a significant growth of non-conformism in the district. 

Fearing persecution, the meetings of early non-conformists were held in secret at remote farms, but the eventual contribution made by the movement to Llantrisant is inestimable. 

The first of the nonconformist religious to gain ground in the area was the Baptist movement, which led the way for Quakers, Calvinistic Methodism and Wesleyan chapels. On Sunday 27 October 1743 John Wesley himself preached at Llantrisant and Cardiff. 

Chapels provided the groundwork through the Sunday Schools for people to develop their talents, gave working man the experience of a form of democracy, standards of behaviour were enhanced, a Band of Hope to curb excessive drinking was instigated and the Gymanfa Ganu was born.