Beating the Bounds is one of the great traditions of Llantrisant.

It takes place every seven years and welcomes well over ten thousand visitors to the old town who revel in the wonderful atmosphere and sense of tradition.

The seven-mile walk follows the boundary of the ancient borough of Llantrisant and has taken place for hundreds of years.

With the passing of time many areas of the walk have altered, which is why today the route includes walking across a golf course, a hospital and even the Royal Mint.

Beating the Bounds if a wonderful celebration of the ancient traditions of Llantrisant. It begins with a service at the Parish Church before the Llantrisant Town Trust lead a parade, including a marching band, along Swan Street for the commencement of the walk.

Beating the Bounds is one of the great historic occasions in the town and to be a part of it is to walk in the steps of history. 

Listen to The Beating the Bounds March, composed by Bill Hunt and commissioned by Freeman Trustee Martin Hooker in memory of his late father Arthur Hooker. The performance is by the Tewkesbury Brass Band.

Boundary Stone


Young boys were “bumped” at various places during the procession of Beating the Bounds, the purpose of which was to ensure they would remember the boundary markers to the end of their days.

This was particularly effective in the days before map-making and knowledge of the limits of the boundary had to be passed down to the next generation.

This tradition continues to this day with the first bumped on the Maen Llwyd at Cross Inn which is at the south of the boundary.

The tradition takes place a second time at the northern most edge of the boundary on the Maen Bych at Talyfedw Farm.