The presentment of the Charter by Richard, Earl of Warwick, Lord Despenser and of Glamorgan on 20 October 1424 confirmed the details of four earlier charters.

This granted a series of rights and privileges to the burgesses of the borough of Llantrisant with significant powers for the period.

It stated  “Burgesses were free to trade with their merchandise and chattels and were free from tolls; they could will their burgages, rents and tenements; they were not constrained from passing beyond their ancient liberties and bounds; only burgesses could keep a stall, shop or tavern; burgesses could make taxation amongst themselves to their own profit; no burgess finding bail could be imprisoned except for felony; in all inquisitions relating to property, burgesses were to be the inquisitors”.

The Charter laid out the ancient borough of Llantrisant complete with officers who held that power including a Constable of the Castle, Steward, Portreeve, Aldermen, Town Clerk, Sergeant at Mace, two Oversees of the Market and four Overseers of the Common with an indefinite number of burgesses.

A Court Leet was summoned twice a year by the Portreeve in May and October, to be held before the Constable of the Castle, Steward and Portreeve. At this Court, a jury of twelve persons were selected by the Sergeant at Mace from the Freemen present and the usual custom was for one of the Aldermen to be Foreman of the Jury.

At the Court Leet of October the jury presented three of the Aldermen for the office of Portreeve, when the Constable of the Castle and Steward of the Court would select the Portreeve for the ensuing year. The jury at the same Court Leet presented the Burgess for admission to their Freemen. They also presented three Freemen from whom the Portreeve selected one to be Sergeant at Mace for the ensuing year.

William Morgan

Known as Billy Caergwanaf, William Morgan was a lively, powerfully built son of farmer, Thomas Morgan.



He married Catherine Jones, of Monknash, on 18 August 1833 and they had three children named Martha, Edward and Catherine.

By 1841 they lived at Caergwanaf Farm near Miskin, and moved to Ty Isaf farm in 1851 before settling in the Ivor Arms, Brynsadler.

On 21 February 1861 “a brutal attack was made on W. Morgan, who is well known for his philanthropy and kindness to the inhabitants.”

It was revealed the perpetrator was the young ex-portreeve Josiah Lewis. In April a private adjournment took place, the cross summonses were dismissed and each party was ordered to pay costs.

He became Portreeve of Llantrisant in 1867 but died on 17 June 1869 of bronchitis