Firstly it is important to remember that there is strictly no Freemen’s Roll of Llantrisant.

We have no list of Burgesses (Freemen) prior to 1724 which leaves a period of almost 400 years without a definitive collection of names of those who enrolled.

When Rev Rickards became Portreeve he was infuriated by the lack of evidence of a Roll. He recreated what he could from 1737 onwards, relying on the oldest living Freeman at the time.

Following that date we must rely on several sources, including the Corporation Minutes and Roll followed by the entries made by Sem Phillips in his history of the town in 1866.

With the tradition of Welsh surnames not coming into fashion until the 1780s, it is difficult to link many minor Freemen with their father or father-in-law on the list.

Since the present Roll was followed there are also areas of error, particularly the sudden large leap from numbers 3,099 to 4,000 where the Clerk simply made an administrative error. There is also areas where there’s a general lack of details.

However, what we still have is a fascinating document naming thousands of men who have proudly called themselves a Freeman of Llantrisant.

Research Project


Llantrisant Freemen's Roll has undergone a major research project to identify details surrounding many of its entries.

The Roll now includes significant dates in the life of Freemen, how they were admitted and where they lived. It also allows the opportunity to include images of them online.

Any additional information which can be included to the Freemen's Roll becomes essential details for any geneaologists who are studying their family tree.

If you recognise any of the Freemen listed on the Roll and can offer additional details or images about them then the Town Trust will be very grateful.

As per the UK Census regulations, details of Freemen are not released on the Roll until the century-rule expires.

View the Llantrisant Freemen's Roll