Today the Court Leet ceremony derives its name from the historic sessions created as a result of the Charter of 1346.

The original Court Leet was a municipal function, administering the laws of the ancient borough and enrolling Freemen.

Today the Court Leet continues to enrol new Freemen who can now claim their right if there are the son, son-in-law of grandson of a Freemen and are over twenty one years of age. The ceremony is overseen by the Clerk of the Llantrisant Town Trust who is accompanied by his Trustees.

The newly enrolled Freeman receives a parchment and a Freeman’s tie and swears an oath to uphold the fine traditions of his heritage.

Freeman's Prayer

Almighty God who art the giver of every good and perfect gift, and whose loving Providence guides the affairs of mankind beyond our understanding, we gratefully acknowledge Thy blessings of the past.


We thank Thee in particular for the loyalty and courage of our forebears who have established our liberty and for the ideals and traditions maintained by the Freemen of Llantrisant.


Help us we pray Thee, in our generation to uphold all that is just and honourable in the world and to find our perfect freedom in Thy Service, so that by Thy grace we may be faithful stewards of all that Thou has committed to us, to Thy praise and glory, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.