A portreeve is the title of a powerful official in Wales possessing political or administrative authority over a town.

By the late Middle Ages portreeves acted as representatives of the people to ensure that their duties to the mayor and community were fulfilled. In some cases the role has been combined with that of mayor. 

Other duties of the Portreeve in Llantrisant were to summon and attend the Court Leet and to receive the fees on the admission of Freemen.

The oath of the Portreeves of Llantrisant were: 

“I do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God, profess, testify and declare upon the true faith of a Christian, that I will never exercise any power, authority or influence which I may possess by virtue of the office of Portreeve of the Borough of Llantrisant, to injure or weaken the Protestant Church, as it is by law established in England.

"Or to disturb the said Church, or the Bishops and Clergy of the said Church in the possession of any rights or privileges to which such Church or the said Bishops and Clergy are, or may be by law entitled”.

The last Portreeve of Llantrisant was John Evans in 1880. He became a Trustee of the new Llantrisant Town Trust when it was formed in 1889.

Portreeves of Llantrisant

1492. William Buttry

1515. Robert ap Thomas Llwyd

1519. Hoel David

1630. Edmund Treharne

Edmund Hughes

1734. Henry Powell

1736. Philip Williams

1737. Henry Powell

1738. Philip Williams

1740. Morgan Jones

1743. Henry Nicholls

1744. Henry Morgan

1747. Thomas Morgan

1748. Thomas David

1753. Meirick David

1770. Richard David

Rees David

William Glascott

William Meyrick

1779. John Thomas

1786. Richard Fowler Rickards

1789. Thomas John

1800. Richard David

1801. Thomas Morgan

1803. Evan Jones

1806. (Rev.) Robert Rickards

1809. Evan Thomas

1810. Thomas Ajax

1817. James Jacob

1823. David Llewellyn

1827. John Thomas

1830. Robert Hellier Rickards.

1835. John Jenkin Harries

1839. Richard Howell.

1847. (Major) T. Smith

1848. (Rev.) Hely Hillier Rickards

1849. William John

1854. Thomas Evans

1857. Morgan Watkin Harries

1860. (Dr.) E. Lloyd

1862. Josiah Lewis

1867. William Morgan

1868. William Evans

1869. Roderick Lewis

1872. David Morgan

1873. John Treharne

1874. Evan Llewellyn

1880. John Evans