Several thousand Freemen of Llantrisant have been entered on the Roll since 1724 and the variety of individuals who have attained this honour has been fascinating.

Lord chancellors, High Sheriffs, barons, earls, Lord Mayors of London, rugby heroes, Crimean war veterans and wealthy vicars to name but a few.

However, the greater majority of Freemen have been typically ordinary working-class folk who continue to uphold the fine traditions of their forebears.

At one time the honour was gifted to a variety of dignitaries and similarly presented to apprentices of Freemen of the town.

As the years progressed it is noticeable how the scope of Freemen is now far and wide. Only a century ago and around 420 Freemen existed – today the number has increased to 2,500.

Of the many thousands of entries, here we have listed a variety of Freemen of Llantrisant whose lives will amuse, enthuse and even shock!