Llantrisant soldiers who fought for King and Country in foreign lands were honoured for their heroism.

Here is a selection of rare images featuring Llantrisant residents who received their honours during World War I. The one above shows Nobby Davies of Newbridge Road receiving the Distinguished Conduct Medal


 William Dooley receiving the DCM. Pictured are Penelopen Price, Bill Paige, John “The Blindman” of the Graig. 

Private Warrington receiving the Military Medal for his bravery during World War I, Town Hall, 1916. The man at the front is the town crier William Jewell and to the right is Penelopen Price dressed in her Red Cross nurse’s outfit. Also pictured is Dai “The Post” Rees, a postman for 33 years who was denied pension because his job was considered “temporary”. The local MP fought his case to the High Court to ensure he received a full pension.

Daniel Williams receiving the Distinguished Conduct Medal on the Town Hall steps in 1919. Born in Pont-y-Parc Farm, his mother was midwife Jane Evans and his aunt, was fellow midwife Annie Taylor. Here he is being presented with the DCM from Dr Willy Davies, the local GP, for his gallantry during the First World War.

Sergeant Ivor Davies, of Newbridge Road, a soldier in the Welsh Regiment, decorated with the Distinguished Conduct Medal at the Town Hall in 1916 for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. According to the address, “He commanded his platoon with great skill, during rearguard action and tried his utmost to rescue his wounded officer when the enemy were within fifty yards.” Also pictured are his wife, Elizabeth Davies and their baby, John, town crier William Jewel with Canon Griffiths presenting the medal.

The Llantrisant Fallen

World War I

Pvt P. Ajax (Mon Reg)

Cpt J.B. Bartlett (Welsh Reg / MGC)

Pvt R.J. Bartlett (Welsh Reg)

AB F.I. Brooking (RN)

Pvt E. Bold (Royal Sussex)

Pvt H. Callow (Welsh Reg)

Pvt S. Collins (Shropshire L.I.)

Pvt W.R. Cox (Yorks & Lancs Reg)

Pvt J.M. Cox (SWB)

L/Cpl J.D. Cooper (RWF)

Pvt H. Cornish (Welsh Reg)

Pvt G. Cotton (Welsh Reg)

Pvt J.W. Dales (Cheshire Reg)

Pvt J. Davey (Manchester Reg)

L/Cpl A.B. Davies (SWB)

Pvt D. Davies (Gloucester Reg)

Pvt E. Davies (S. Lancs)

Pvt J.A. Evans (SWB)

Pvt P. Edmunds (Royal Fus)

Pvt J. Flynn (Welsh Reg)

CSM H.J. Gardner (2nd Mon)

2nd Lt I.G. Gibson (West Yorks / RFC)

Pvt W.J. Grimes (Wiltshire Reg)

Pvt T. Griffiths (RWF)

Pvt W.J. Harry (Welsh Reg)

2nd Lt T.E.O. Hsawkins (RAF)

2nd Engineer O. Herepath (MN)

Sapper J. Higgins (RE)

Pvt E.J. Holborn (Welsh Reg)

L/Cpl T.E. Howell (Welsh Reg)

Capt N.A. Hughes (Welsh Reg)

Gunner A.C. James (RGA)

Pvt I. Jenkins (RWF)

Pvt W.E. Jacob (Royal Fus)

Pvt E. Jones (Welsh Guards)

Pvt T.J. Jones (RWF)

Pvt H. Jones (Welsh Reg)

Sgt E. John (Machine Gun)

L/Cpl T. John (SWB)

L/Cpl H.J. Lake (The Buffs)

Cpl G.T. Langford (RWF)

Pvt G.W. Lewis (RWF)

Stoker L.C. Lerway (RNR)

Lt C.R. McGregor (SWB)

Lt K.C. McGregor (Kings Own)

Pvt A. Maine (Welsh Reg)

Pvt J. McGuire (East Lancs)

Pvt W.N. Morgan (RFA)

Pvt J.H. Morgan (Welsh Reg)

Pvt I. Morris (Welsh Reg)

L/Cpl F. Newton (Welsh Reg)

Pvt J. Osborne (RWF)

Pvt W.J. Paulk (SWB)

Sgt A. Rosser (RWF)

Pvt E. Rees (RWF)

Pvt R.T. Rawlings (Gordon Highlanders)

Cpl A.E. Rawlings (MMP)

Pvt C. Toze (Devons)

Pvt R. Thomas (RIR)

Pvt W. Thomas (Welsh Reg)

Cpl F. Vickery (Welsh Reg)

Pvt J. Watkins (RIR)

Pvt H.C. Watts (Welsh Reg)

Pvt J. Wile (Welsh Reg)

Sgt Major I. Williams (R Bgd)

Pvt M. Williams (Welsh Reg)

Guardsman T.P. Williams (MGC)

Cpl W. J. Williams (Welsh Guards)

Pvt A.T. Williamson (RWF)

Pvt W.A. Withers (Welsh Reg)


World War II

Pvt D. F. Bendle (SWB)

Trp J. H. Davies (25th Dragoons)

Gnr S.L. Davies (RA)

AB G. Evans (RN)

Flt Sgt J.S. Grabham (RAF)

Sapper T. Jenkins (RE)

AB R.A. Jones (RN)

Sgt C.J. Land (Cameronians)

Major DSO G.J.B. Masters (RHA 7th A. Div)

Pvt T.D. Meggins (RA)

AB R.H. Richards (RN)

Sgt L.M. Stone (RAF)

Cpl F. Taylor (RAF)

Cpl C.A. Thomas (Arg & South High)

Trp E. D. Westcott (Kings Rl Hussars)

L.A. N. Westcott (RN)

Lt T. J. Wilkins (Welsh Reg)

3rd Officer J.G. Williams (MN)


WRNS Iris Betty Stillman (WRNS)


Palestine 1946

Pvt T. Hayes (SWB)

Italy 1946

Driver R. Saunders (RASC)

Korea 1952

Pvt G.P. Goodfield (Kings Reg)