In the 19th century under the leadership of Rev Pritchard Hughes and Canon Powell Jones the parish church underwent two major restorations. 

In 1873 the interior was rebuilt, losing the original Norman style which had been in existence for hundreds of years.

The restoration was greatly influenced by John Prichard the diocesan architect responsible for the restoration of Llandaff Cathedral at the same time. He was a member of the gentrified Prichard family of neighbouring Colenna and had a close association with the parish.

The restoration cost £3,000 and introduced a certain charm and beauty of a Victorian Gothic design. 

In 1894 the West End was completely restored, costing a further £1,200. The bells were rehung and a 4ft deep white marble baptistry, was placed under the floor of the choir vestry. 

The baptistery consists of a tank four feet deep and divided in two parts with the priest standing on the one side and the candidate on the other. The first to use the baptistry on Thursday, November 4, 1897 was Grace Williams who was baptised by Rev Daniel Fisher.

A carved oak screen was also installed in memory of Canon Powell Jones who died in the vicarage in 1883. His contribution to the lives of local children and their education made him a well-respected figure in the community.

More famously the church introduced new stained glass window by Burne Jones over the altar featuring an unbearded depiction of Christ.

The Parish Register


The Parish Register of Llantrisant makes fascinating reading.

Earlier versions were allegedly burned but a surviving version was compiled by the Rev Richard Harris who was appointed to the living in 1728. It provides some of the following extracts which give us an insight into parish life in the 18th century:

Jan 31 1728 – Last Night there were nine dead in our parish. Reverendus

May 1728 - Richard Harries married Eliza Bradshaw at Llanwonno, by William Jones, curate

Jan 19 1729 – Catherine Filia Evan Prichard baptised

Jan 19 1729 - Morgan Griffith and Maria Prichard married

May 1733 –William Thomas and Mary Thomas ( the Churchwarden’s daughter) married before I went to bury the curate in Ystrad.

June 30 1733 – Cornelius, the son of Cornelius the Quaker, christened at about 20 years of age

Jan 24 1736 – Edmund Treherne buried

March 30 1749 – Mary the wife of Even Prichard Esq, buried

Feb 4 1740 – William was drowned drunk!

April 26 1741 – Evan Richard Esq and Thrysgwydd Powell, married at Llanwenno by licence

Sept 19th 1751` - Roger Powell died this morning and buried this night. Fell sick last Sunday

Sept 25th 1751 – Evan Jenkins buried; last Saturday he was here, Sunday at Gelliwastad, Monday sickened Tuesday died and this day buried. O Adam!

April 2nd 1757 – James Prichard of the parish Mary Bassett of the same parish, were married 

Dec 26th 1758 - John the son of Mary christened, She sent for me to christen her daughter, this time two years, soon after her father attempted to kill me in my own house. If I had not been too strong for him he would have killed me; two nights before a man from Llanvabon had killed his uncle and aunt and cousin who went under the pretence of friendship to see them in Christmas holidays as he can the see me. The Llanvabon man was hanged.

Feb 19th 1759 - William Prichard and Barbara Roe were married by licence

July 7th 1764 – Miss Holly Bassett was buried by her brother. 

July 10th 1765 – Thomas David Tincoed was buried by Mr Thomas Bassett