January 31
The first meeting of Llantrisant Town Trust was held in the Guildhall.  Evan John was appointed as Clerk with Josiah Lewis as Chairman. Three members of the Parish Vestry also joined the Trust along with eleven Freeman Trustees. Decision was made to repair gates, paths and prosecute offenders. James Morgan and Richard Bevan were appointed Overseers of the Common. Fred Bynes and James Taylor were appointed Overseers of the Graig

July 18
It was resolved to rehang the Glanmychydd Gate of the Common and the drains from the Vicarage to the main road be cleaned for £10. Also the painting of the Town Pump and Railings in three coats. Mr J Lewis painted the Town Pump for £1-00

October 14
The “windmill” was to be restored to the height of the present highest point and black mortar to be used to show the difference between the new work and the old. The sum of £10-00 was granted

March 10
A set of Byelaws and Regulations were adopted relating to the lands of the Trust

June 8
Charles Rose was prosecuted on April 24 for cutting and damaging turf on the Common Lands

October 30
"It was resolved that permission is granted for holding sports and other festivities on the Common in commemoration of the event of David Evans Esq, a member of our Ancient Corporation and a present Trustee attaining the dignity and position of Lord Major of the City of London on 9 November 1891”

January 13
Gomer Morgan to be paid £15-00 for work undertaken on the old windmill. A notice was given to the owners of goats to remove them from the Common and place them on the Graig

October 19
The surrender of the tenancy of the old tollhouse by David Francis was accepted

December 14
It was announced that Rhys Williams Esq will hold a public inquiry into the Charities of the Parish of Llamtrisant, including Llantrisant Town Trust at the Parish Vestry on 6 December 1895

August 14
The problems of trespassing and stray animals on the Common caused concern. Also a pipe drain was to be constructed from the Vicarage fields

February 26
Resolved that any persons not being Freemen found shooting and in pursuit of game on the Commons without having received the consent and authority of the Trust shall be prosecuted

April 7
Letter was received from the Mayor of Cardiff soliciting the cooperation of the Trust in their effort to secure the location of the Welsh University in Cardiff. It was resolved to support this

October 21
Resolved to grant consent to Thomas Parry to use part of the Graig as a footpath to his garden subject to payment of one shilling. This is the path towards Ynysplwm Ford. The path was not to be more than eight feet wide

May 19
The following were elected Overseers of the Commons – Henry Page, Lewis Ajax, Thomas Richards, David Evans, Evan Williams, David Roderick

March 18
Resolved that a base be purchased for the presentation of the Old Borough Mace, and Charter, according to estimates from Mr Spiridon & Son, Jewellers, Cardiff

July 26
Resolved that consent be granted for playing golf on the Common, subject to the reservation of Trustees to withdraw such consent at any time

September 26
Resolved that the Parliamentary Boundaries of the Borough should be defined and that a perambulation shall take place under the direction of the Trust on 30 September 1901. The Trustees to meet at the Town Hall, 12noon.