The beautiful interior of Llantrisant Parish Church is fascinating for many reasons, particularly its historic monuments and items along with its splendid gothic architecture.

Many of those items presented to the church have been gifts in memory of various family members and loved ones.

An Elizabethean styled chalice, still used for Communion services and a silver communion plate from 1750 are described by G E Halliday in 1901 as “A silver chalice 7 inches in high with a pattern cover hallmarked 1626. It resembles an Elizabeth cup circa 1576 in general design. A handsome bread-dish hallmarked 1750 and inscribed: “The gift of William and Jane Matthews, Llantrisant October 10th 1750”, round which is engraved “For we have seen His Star in the case and have coine to worship him”. The dish is 11inch in diameter.

There are also a copper gift chalice and paten, the gift of J. Coates Carter in 1897.

The effergy of a warrior in the wall was said to represent Cadwgan Fawr of Miskin who opposed Gilbert de Clare when the Norman lord attempted to suppress Welsh custom in the town. This however is rather doubtful as the effergy has no characteristics, shield or crest and why would an opponent to the Norman lord be remembered within the Norman church that he ruled?

Visitors cannot but fail to be impressed by the splendid candelabra hanging over the chancel step which is only comparable in Wales to the one at Brecon Cathedral. It is a fine example of Georgian workmanship and was brought by sea across the Bristol Channel from Wasbrough of Bristol,  who traded out of Narrow Wine Street to Aberthaw. It was presented by Mrs Anne Bassett and often used before the introduction of gaslight to the church.

The inscription reads “The gift of Mrs Anne Bassett, late of Miskin, to the parish of Llantrisant”. Anne Bassett would have paid around £25 in 1787 for the chandelier and £2 for packaging and packing. She was wealthy by virtue and marriage. The tablet marks where she and her husband William are buried in the chancel.

The large brass eagle lectern dates from 1893 and the Bible is placed on it for reading during services. It was the gift of Mrs Cecilia Jones of Coventry Street, London in commemoration of her family who had been connected with Llantrisant. “This lectern was presented in 1893 by Mrs Cecilia Jones, nee Lewis, in loving memory of her family, who were all born in this parish.”

The fine oak screen was installed in 1894 in memory of Canon Poiwell Jones which allows privacy in the vestry for baptism by emersion and for today’s church choir who change into their gowns before service begins/ 

There are two stained glass windows in the chancel dedicated to the memory of Rev Evan Morgan, Vicar of Llantrisant, who died in 1864 and his wife, Letitia who died in 1868. Other stained glass windows record the connection of the church with the Prichard family of Colenna – presented by Diocesan Architect J Prichard. The stained glass window on the south side was presented by Evan Evans in memory of brothers Thomas, Richard and William in 1873.

There are also three brass tables on the walls of the church. One in the chancel is again in memory of Mr Prichard of Colenna, one in memory of Major J Hewett JP (1786-1868) and Deputy Lieutenant of Glamorgan the Hewett family of Tir Mab Ellis and one in the memory of an infant son of R Hill. The Sir Christopher Cole hatchment in memory of him would have hung at Lanelay Hall prior to being presented to the church where it now hangs. 

Visitors will be enchanted by the many inscriptions on the walls, floors and treasured items. For family historians they provide an incredible amount of information for their research.

As stone on the floor reads:

“Here lies Morgan Rees, honest and trew,
Beloved by most and hated by few.
Excel in stone cutting, tyling improve
Hope that he rest with angels above.”


Llantrisant Vicars

1470 Rev John Morgan

1536 Rev Philip Graunt

1554 Rev Thomas Payne

1630 - 1644 Rev Richard Bassett

1644 - 1660 Rev Thomas Bassett

1660 - 1662 Rev Henry Williams

1663 - 1667 Rev John Lloyd

1668 - 1678 Rev Antonius Jones

1678 - 1679 Rev William Evans

1679 - 1680 Rev William Beaw

1680 - 1690 Rev Edmund Walters

1680 - 1695 Rev John Loughor

1695 - 1728 Rev James Harries

1728 - 1766 Rev Richard Harris

1767 - 1810 Rev Robert Rickards

1810 - 1816 Rev James Morgan

1817 - 1829 Rev William Michell

1829 - 1845 Rev J. Brown Williams

1845 - 1865 Rev Evan Morgan

1865 - 1883 Rev John Powell Jones

1883 - 1905 Rev Joshua Pritchard Hughes

1905 - 1923 Rev D.T. Griffiths

1923 - 1932 Rev D.H. Simon

1932 - 1936 Rev William Percival Jones

1936 - 1946 Rev Arthur Sturdy

1946 - 1956 Rev John James Thomas

1957 - 1979 Rev Edwin Isaac Davies

1979 - 1990 Rev Peter Goulstone Lewis

1990 - 1997 Rev Elfed Hughes

1997 - Rev Vivian Parkinson