Are you eligible to become a Freeman of Llantrisant?

Will you follow in the footsteps of your ancestors who proudly carried on the tradition of the Freemen of the ancient borough in years past?

Here you will find the necessary forms which need to be completed and submitted to the Trust by 1 April in time for the Court Leet ceremony at The Guildhall.

For further details, contact Clerk to the Llantrisant Town Trust.

Application form for the Son of a Freeman

Application form for the Son-in-law of a Freeman

Application form for the Grandson of a Freeman

Application form for the Widow of a Freeman

Freeman's Rules

Llantrisant Town Trust is governed by the Bye-Laws and Regulations of the Charity Commission and the Scheme which was drawn up in 1889.

View the Llantrisant Town Trust Scheme

The Town Trust requires that all Freemen of Llantrisant adhere to Bye-Laws and Regulations

View the Llantrisant Byelaws and Regulations